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APVM electronics is one the leading distributor of electronic components. We're committed to support our customers in their regular requirements for all kind of electronic components as well as managing their shortages. We are always open to design custom solutions to fulfil the requirement of your business.


Authorized Distributor of TE Application Tooling

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Processing (Ease of Use and Flexibility at a Touch)

APVM is authorized distributor for many component manufacturer, majorly for TE Application Tooling. TE FFC termination machine is an electrical-driven, semi-automatic assembly machine that uses different die sets to terminate reel-feed FFC contacts to manually supplied FFC cables. The machine terminates a predefined number of contacts to the supplied cable end and individual wire positions can be skipped during the assembly sequence. FFC termination provides quick change, interchangeable applicators for different products, along with an operator-friendly touch screen capability.

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Processing

Tyco Electronics (TE)

Heat Shrink Equipment

Advanced Tooling for Efficient Heat Shrink Protection

TE equipment for heat shrink tubing seals and protects electrical splices, and provides mechanical protection for fluid management systems in harsh environments. Across a wide range of applications, we deliver optimal heating temperatures, performance and control features for greater efficiency.

Tyco Electronics (TE)


AmpFlow Motors

AmpFlow motors are designed to deliver the highest level of performance possible in a brushed DC motor. This is achieved by advanced multi-pole design and the use of neodymium rare-earth magnet materials.


Power Supplies

AmpFlow Motors and Controllers

AmpFlow motors and controllers can be used with batteries in vehicles, robots, or other mobile applications. They can also be used in industrial machinery or other stationary applications with our high-current power supplies.



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